Felony and Misdemeanor


Misdemeanor offenses are generally cases over which Municipal courts, Area or County courts, and Mayor\\'s courts have jurisdiction. The most common types of misdemeanor offenses (depending on the nature of the offense) are OVI, petty theft, domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct, certain drug offenses, traffic violations, and many more. The maximum penalty for the most serious misdemeanor is six months incarceration and/or a monetary fine.


Felony offenses are the more serious cases and can result in incarceration in a prison/penitentiary type facility. The respective county Common Pleas Courts have jurisdcition over these types of offenses. Particular sex offenses, crimes of violence such as murder or felonious assalt, certain drug crimes, robbery and burglary, are a few examples of crimes for which a prison sentence can be imposed of anywhere from 6 months to life.

If you are alleged to have committed an offense for which jail/prison time is a possiblity, you should defintely consult with a competent criminal defense attorney prior to making any life-changing decisions.

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